Nina Dobrev playing “Two Truths and a Lie” about season 6. [x]

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I’m a stupid little girl with stupid dreams who never learns.

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The Vampire Diaries - First and Last Appearances (season 1-5)
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Emma Stone at the Magic in the Moonlight premiere after party in New York City, july 17th.

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          Happy 32nd Birthday to
                                              Y v o n n e   S t r a h o v s k i !

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"Well, Damon is gone, so Elena is devastated. She is heartbroken and crushed because her friend is also gone. I can’t say more without giving anything away. She is at the lowest point that she could possibly be… ever. She is not happy, she has to be sad, I have to do sad scenes, which makes me sad, that she is sad. The energy is so sad."

— Nina Dobrev x (via behappyandfearless)
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being in a fandom long term: urrrrrrrrrrgh not this shitty argument again we've covered this
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Yes. No. I don’t know.

#this scene is everything #the way Elena uses Damon’s words against him #and he’s all like #yep #i just walked right into that #and Elena’s all like #yes you did #all while trying to hold back a laugh thats threatening over #they essentially have a freaking conversation #without even opening their mouths #their eyes say it all #this is one of the reasons why i ship them #their silent communication astounds me #they know each other that well #that a simple nod or glance says everything  

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